Sacred Objects is a project that explores the relationship between inner and outer objects.

In Sacred Objects over the course of months models were asked to bring with them their most sentimental objects. These objects ranged from blessed items native to the Andes mountains and Peruvian tribes to books blessed by local Shamans, to gold watches passed down from father to son for generations.

The subjects were asked to gaze for minutes at a time directly into their objects and asked to tap into the feelings that arose through that interaction.

Through the subjects gaze and interaction with their sacred object memories and feelings associated with inner sanctity and awe are brought up within the sitter. 

The poses, lighting, and gazes are deliberate and repetitive to allow viewers to see beyond the appearance and share with the models there experiences of nostalgia and awe.

A sense of stillness is portrayed in many of the photos as some subjects loose a solid sense of Identity from falling deep into memory and recollection of how the object has impacted them throughout there life. None of the subjects were asked to wear clothing matching their object however many did and did so unintentionally. 

This furthers an idea between our inner life and our "outer" life and how both are could be inter-related.

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